The Ebony Tower
The Ebony Tower


The Ebony Tower was formed in 1996 to perform original material composed by Wilson
Mcqueen, mixing classic strut and swagger, elements of gothic rock along with a healthy dose of progressive rock and at times, just plain ol' rock 'n' roll.


in today's era of one trick pony bands, ebony tower refuses to be stuck on one genre or sound.  instead they take risks making 90 degree turns from growling metal ballads, sometimes in the same song.


with carefully crafted lyrics set to music filtered through decades of learning and playing, ebony tower bring a fresh and vitrant energy, from festival states such as cambridge rock festival through to more intimate acoustic sets. 


"the magic box pt i" is now available for free download and includes 4 genre-fusing tracks, recorded at peter gabriel's real world studios and mastered at abbey road studios.  the full album, including the 4 tracks from the ep, will be ready by summer 2013.

Where to find us:

The Ebony Tower 32 Bayford Green

Bayford SG13 8PU

Phone: 01992 511277



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